Jumat, 18 Januari 2013

Tante Dini 39 Tahun Seksi dan cantik

Hai teman setia Foto artis, kini gue mau share info tante girang yang yahut bener nih, apalagi nih cewek bispak, alias bisa diajak kencan. walau sudah memiliki 2 orang anak, tapi nih tante masih peret banget. dan bisa diajak ke apartemen doi. Bagaimana body nya mantap kan. nih tante awalnya gue kenel di sevel pas belanja kebutuhan cowok, rokok, alat cukur dan beberapa yang lain nah nih ibu ibu senyum mulu, iseng deh gw pura pura pernah ketemu and kenal, " bu sandy ? " dia langsung ngelak, bukan, salah orang ya hehe, sambil ketawa kecil, ya udah kita kenalan langsung. dan ngobrol2. ternyata dia lagi ngajak anaknya yang bontot usia 3 tahun. Ngobrol ngobrol, tukar no hp. dan sering sms an. janjian mau ketemuan disalah satu mall, langsung aja gw batalin, gw bilang lagi ada meeting di hotel B. suruh aja dia mampir. Karena udah tau gelagat nih tante cewek bispak. langsung deh gue embat aja hehe mantap nih bodynya masih yahud bener, Tante seksi dan cantik pula. bersih wangi lagi.

Foto panas Cewek bali

Foto cewek cantik kali ini adalah Cewek seksi dari bali yang berpose panas. terlihat jelas foto foto sebelum dia melakukan foto panas, masih terlihat lugu dan sopan, tapi setelah adegan foto panas, semua berubah. Si cantik ini terlihat lebih seksi berani dan tentunya panas, yang awalnya hanya terlihat biasa saja, kini terlihat lebih sensual. Foto foto nya memang menggundang selera muda. Foto Wanita Bali Tempo Dulu. Dalam halaman ini akan sedikit menilik kebelakang tentang sejarah bali tempo dulu yang sering menampilkan wanita tanpa kutang. Cantik menggunakan Pakaian adat bali. Seksi setelah tidak menggunakan busana Dan Foto panas ini membuat semuanya indah dilihat. Inilah Dia si cewek bali bugil yang sangat terkenal di dunia maya, gadis bali ini memiliki tubuh hitam manis dan memiliki pose sensual model hot dan foto panas nya bikin ikut panas dalam :P

Rabu, 03 Februari 2010

Donna Agnesia

Foto Cewek telanjang News - Donna Agnesia willing to come first husband, children and families. Donna was a woman, a bridge between her husband and child.

"We should have priority. I was given the opportunity to work, it is not every day and many weekends. After his father is working now," said Donna Agnesia, when found in Citiwalk, Sudirman, Central Jakarta, Saturday (30 / 1).

Darius work, Donna agnesia family prefers. The principle that makes the mother of two is just choosing a job that takes no time.

Donna says, "Usually, I see the kids had been asleep or not, the new work. I tried to give the best. And, as much as possible always took time for the family."

He added, "I am a woman also tried to accompany her husband to come home to eat together even though the night. Yes must understand one another."

Attitudes and actions that makes them become more harmonious every day. "We all met often spoiled but as much as possible as a wife and mother, I became the bridge between Darius and the kids," he concluded.

Sabtu, 30 Januari 2010

Sigi Wimala prepared childbirth

Sigi Wimala growing belly bulge, soon gave birth. Sigi also claim to have ready for delivery the next 2 months.

Sigi's advance to find out about childbirth. Even when playing the movie 'House Dara', Sigi had already studied the situation of pregnant women. Because in the film she played a pregnant woman.

"Udah ready, because the time filming 'House Dara' a story I was pregnant, was not he (the husband-ed) directing. So a little more and Timo dah I know," explained a woman who married in early November 2009 found that while the Grand Indonesia, Central Jakarta, Friday (29/1/2010).

Not only find out for himself, Sigi also get a lot of family science Timo labor, her husband. So Sigi was not afraid of labor(quoted from the artis Panas indonesia)

"As it happens my brother-in-law also've experienced quite well, already have 4 children. So there is no fear tuh. Timo fact that fear," he continued.

Age Sigi's pregnancy into the seventh month, candidate gender fruits have also caught him. "The doctor says it's a girl," he said.

But not much before the birth of Sigi reducing activities. He said the stress and emotion can be silent if no one done. So Sigi did not want to suffer because of unemployment.

"Because I've long emang in the entertainment world, then I tried to reduce, even can not. If there is no work, I'd kesel and stress. Instead of actually making mad husband continues, I'd better find something to do. But not heavy, because it's priority've become a mother. At least as fun I wrote, "Sigi vent.

Jumat, 04 Desember 2009

Marcella Zalianty as Duta Tagana

Foto Cewek Cantik - Actress Marcella Zalianty met the Minister of Social Segaf Salim Al Jufri, Friday (4/12/2009). Marcella is rumored to be married in 2010 accompanied by his girlfriend looks Ananda Mikola.

Ananda and Marcella are equally met Minister of Social Affairs as they follow the National Apples Tagana (Midshipman Disaster Preparedness) 2009. Marcella attended the event because he was the Ambassador Tagana.

"I joined because of this social activity is very positive. Lots of activities, we usually become volunteers," said Marcella when found after following the apple in Buperta Cibubur.

Jumat, 13 November 2009

Farah Quinn Toket Gede

Farah quinn's love in a culinary could be so deep and becoming a chef was his goal he was a child.

"I like a chef since childhood. I used to take the finance department just made nyenengin parent, but I always kepikiran cook. So rather than take the S2 schools and cooking schools better," he said when met at the Immigrant Plaza Indonesia, Central Jakarta, Friday ( 13/11), at the Chef in Action With Farah quinn toket gede.

"I still have pengen international event, the concept that the cuisine of Indonesia because I was a walk to the many kinds. Tunjukin And pengen abroad," he added.

Farah is currently busy working on a recipe book for children, which will be published early next year. Since cook involved in the world, he wanted his son to understand her mother's profession. Then, if he did not want to play the movie?

"If it's for a film depends. If so cameo I want, but if a starring role or roles who do not want deh. Anyway, if you have anything to do with the world I want to cook," she said.

Because of busy schedule, so some acting bids rejected and video clips. But she took herself to be advertising stars. The plan later in the year 2010 he wanted to compile the book and also go international.

Kamis, 12 November 2009

Fergie did not want to do sex threesome

Foto Cewek Cantik - Fergie insisted that he was now tied to the commitment of marriage. Because of that, he does not want an affair of her husband, is played back with the man or woman.

"Because I've enjoyed the relationship (same sex) with women, not that I can have an affair in my relationship. I learned a lot by talking with my therapist. He said, though with a woman, it still adultery, "he said.

In his sex life, she never even thought to go through this very strange. Including, for example, a threesome. "That'll never happen. We are too smart for that," said the wife of actor Josh's Dudamel.

Frank recognition Fergie menyimpangnya about sexual life in the past, appeared along with Duhamel's infidelity. Famous actors mentioned ever slept with a stripper, Nicole Forrester.

After all, Fergie does not interfere with the report that there is not necessarily true that. He and Dudamel even consider the report as a lie. "Claims in the tabloids was a lie and totally funny," said Fergie.